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What's this?

This is a plugin for WinMerge (an Open Source diff tool).
This plugin is tested with WinMerge 2.8.6, the latest version on release date.
May not work well with other versions of WinMerge.
With this plugin, you can compare these files.

.rtf Rich Text
.docx/.docmMicrosoft WORD 2007(OOXML)
.xlsx/.xlsmMicrosoft Excel 2007(OOXML)
.pptx/.pptmMicrosoft PowerPoint 2007(OOXML)
Microsoft WORD ver5.0/95/97/2000/XP/2003
.xls Microsoft Excel ver5.0/95/97/2000/XP/2003
.ppt Microsoft PowerPoint 97/2000/XP/2003
.sxw/.sxc/.sxi/.sxd OpenOffice.org
.odt/.ods/.odp/.odg Open Document
.wj2/wj3/wk3/wk4/123 Lotus 123
.wri Windows3.1 Write
.pdf Adobe PDF
.mht Web Archive
.eml Exported files from OutlookExpress

Word and Excel diff plugins are bundled with WinMerge.
But those plugins require Word or Excel to compare files.
xdocdiff Plugin does not require Word or Excel, and it's faster to show differences.

If you are using TortoiseSVN, please try xdocdiff, too.


xdocdiffPlugin_1_0_6d.zip (Ver 1.0.6d) 146KB

Source(Visual Basic6): xdocdiffplugin_1_0_6_src.zip (7k) (Comments are written in Japanese.)


Before installing:
Install WinMerge
Select [Plugins]-[Automatic Unpacking].

1. Unzip file.
2. Copy xdoc2txt.exe and zlib.dll to WinMerge program folder. (Where WinMerge.exe is located)
3. Copy amb_xdocdiffPlugin.dll to sub folder "MergePlugins".


Any comments are welcome.

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Both of the binary program and source are provided under BSD license.


2006 - 2013 (C) S.Kohno

Exemption matters

 This program is provided with NO WARRANTY.
Even if what damage and the loss occur because of the use of this program, the author
doesn't assume the responsibility at all.

Address of thanks

xdocdiff converts the file by using xdoc2txt.
I wish to express my gratitude deeply for Mr. hishida that gives the permission of the re-distribution.

Revision history

1.0.6d (Jan/03 2013)
Bundled xdoc2txt is updated to ver 1.46.

1.0.6c (Jul/24 2011)
Bundled xdoc2txt is updated to ver 1.40.

1.0.6b (Jun/25 2010)
Bundled xdoc2txt is updated to ver 1.37.

1.0.6a (May/17 2009)
Bundled xdoc2txt is updated to ver 1.32.

1.0.6 (Sept/17 2008)
[FIX] Files which has more than 4 char extensions are not converted properly

1.0.5 (Sept/06 2008)
Bundled xdoc2txt is updated to ver 1.30 R2.
.docm, .xlsm, .pptm files are now supported.

1.0.4b (Feb/24 2008)
Bundled xdoc2txt is updated to ver 1.27.

1.0.4a (Oct/14 2007)
Bundled xdoc2txt is updated to ver 1.26.

1.0.4 (Feb/24 2007)
[FIX] Microsoft Office 2007, OpenOffice.org files are not treated by this plugin.

1.0.3 (Feb/21 2007)
Bundled xdoc2txt is updated to ver 1.24.
(Microsoft Office 2007, OpenOffice.org are now supported)

1.0.2 (Dec/16 2006)
[FIX] Error occurs with read only files.
Bundled xdoc2txt is updated to ver 1.23 from 1.22.

1.0.1 (Aug/24 2006)
[FIX] Error occurs with TortoiseSVN